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Naji Services


Committed to providing training, educational, and housing assistance to qualified individuals and families.

Nutritional Services

Promote nutritional values & education for the youth of Greater Atlanta, Georgia, and North America

Counseling Services

Professional counseling, training, educational, and nutritional services that exceed expectations.

NFI Nutritional Services

Helping You Reach Full Potential

Naji Foundation Inc. believes that every client served should be treated with dignity and respect.

Naji Foundation Inc. strives to provide healthy meals and snacks to children and families from low-income areas.

Naji Foundation Inc. will provide education on having a healthy lifestyle and eating nutritious food to all age groups.

Why Is Proper Nutrition So Important

NFI Nutrition Services

We Offer Exceptional Education Services and Training

Another goal of NFI is to obtain a house that young females aging out of the Foster Care system will live for up to six

months. During this time of transition, Naji Foundation Inc. will provide the following educational services and training.




Mental Health

Obesity Rates are Rising - the percentage of school-age children 6 - 11 that are overweight more than doubled between the late 1970's and 2000's, rising from 6.5% to 15.3%. The percentage of overweight adolescents ages 12 - 19 tripled form 5.0% to 15.5% during the same period.

Perhaps the most important consequence of poor nutrition is the impact on learning. A growing body of evidence demonstrates that children who eat poorly do not perform as well as they could academically. Well nourished students tend to be better students, while poorly nourished children tend to have weaker academic performance and score lower on standardized achievement tests.

  • Asthma -  Obese children and teens used more medicine, and a made more unscheduled visits to emergency rooms than non-obese peers.
  • Type 2 Diabetes - Obesity in children and adolescents led to an increase in Type 2 diabetes that can cause blindness, heart and kidney disease.
  • High Blood Pressure - found more commonly in obese children and adolescents compared to their non-obese peers.

Mental Health - Obesity has been associated with low self-esteem in some adolescents. Obese children with decreased levels of self-esteem reported increased rates of loneliness, sadness, and nervousness, and were more likely to report smoking and consuming alcohol.

Sleep Apnea - Studies report that up to 1/3 of obese children report symptoms consistent with those of sleep apnea, a disorder causing brief interruptions of breathing during sleep. This disorder is associated with decreased learning and memory function.

Counseling tailored to managing the real world expectations of the resident who has aged out of the Foster Care system.

Programs aimed to increase college access, particularly for  students who are least likely to enroll. These programs take many forms and serve a variety of students.

Advisement services assisting our clients in making sensible life decisions.  We also assist in setting, managing, and reaching desired positive goals.

With NFI at your side, you will increase your financial knowledge, create a personal action plan for success, and

take control of your finances.

In-house services to homeless female veterans working towards establishing a residential program for female veterans and their dependent children.

Referral services geared toward assisting our clients with agencies and community resources in throughout Georgia and North America.







  • Nutrition & Dietary Counseling

    Offered by Registered Dietitians to any NFI client. Individual or group sessions have a community or public health focus, and include topics such as portion control, healthy eating, hands-on food preparation, physical activity, goal-setting, and self-management.  Follow-up reinforcement may include review sessions, group training, referral(s) to additional support services, and/or phone consultations.

  • Nutrition Education

    Our primary goal is to promote nutrition education for all area child nutrition programs. Quality nutrition through a well balanced diet is foundational to a healthy lifestyle. Quality nutrition helps school-age children develop healthy minds which are essential to learning. Quality nutrition is also essential to combating our nation's childhood obesity epidemic.

  • Nutrition for Healthy Families

    Program staff meet with participants one-on-one and in small groups.

    Participants learn how to:

    • Budget their food dollars
    • Save time and money by planning meals
    • Stay healthy by making wise food choices
    • Keep food safe to eat
    • Feed their children
    • Increase physical activity
    • Prepare healthy snacks
  • Nutrition for Healthy Lifestyles

    Families strengthen communication, decision-making, and problem-solving skills through the lessons. These life skills help participants obtain employment and nurture family relationships.

What is a Counseling Relationship

One in which the social worker helps the client or clients increase or maintain functioning to cope with a client concern, problem, or need.

Mentoring and Development

Career planning, skills training, project guidance, professional contacts, problem-solving and more for individuals or groups

Stress Management

Professional assistance in recognition and exploration of quality adaptive stress management methods and techniques.

Life Coaching

Advisement services assisting people in making sensible life decisions.  Also set, manage, and reach goals.

Relationship Counseling

Assistance in recognizing, managing, reconciling, troublesome differences and repeating patterns of stress in relationships.

Organizational Development

Assistance in managing, planning, and

guidance of organizational techniques through upcoming changes.

Leadership Development

A continuous, progressive process in which an individual’s training, education, and experiences contribute to growth.

NFI Counseling Services

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We look forward to assisting our clients in reaching their personal goals.

Feel free to contact us to see how Naji Foundation Inc. can help you achieve your full potential.

Naji Foundation Inc. is committed to promoting nutritional values and education for the youth of the community at-large throughout the Greater Atlanta area, Georgia and North America.


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